Snorricam Testing

Testing Snorricam for Clamped at Panavision, London.

When breaking down the script, scene four presented itself as a key scene in the film’s

visual journey as Alice’s turning point. It marked the start of her change and I wanted to find an

effective way to play this. The key things were to give a sense of isolation and overwhelming

experience for Alice. I thought of locking the camera to Alice’s body so that it moved with her

and she was isolated from the background, as it moved behind her. I discussed this with Amy,

and we did some research into this look in Mad Max, Requiem for a Dream, The Hangover,

Wolf of Wall Street and Casino Royale. It is often used when an actor is either on drugs or

drunk and stumbling, but it gives a great sense of distortion and looks you into the character

as the surroundings blur around them.

The shooting with it went very well, the effect worked really well, and I was able to get a wide

range of backgrounds with it. I also opened the shutter angle of the camera up to create more

motion blur so that as she turned it further blurred the background and passers-by weren’t as