Kitty Jay - Wrapped

The last few weeks I have been working away hard on the pre-production of my latest short. This has been a long process but last week we finally wrapped our week long shoot. The project was very special to me as the film was inspired by a legend local to the village where I grew up on Dartmoor. A chance to shoot a film about a story I knew well and in locations I have frequently visited was a delight. 

The synopsis reads: 

In the 1800’s, an ostracised woman must face up to societal pressures or make a heart-wrenching decision.

Kitty is a naive and romantic dairymaid who spends her days toiling away in the bleak farming landscape of Dartmoor, England.

She works under Betty, a hardworking housekeeper who is unaware that Kitty has been secretly engaged in a relationship with Francis the charming and manipulative minister’s son and she falls pregnant with his child out of wedlock.

As news spreads of her dire situation Kitty becomes outcast. Determined to make something of her life, a hopeful Kitty opens up to Francis about her pregnancy but is only rejected by him and pushed further into despair. She desperately seeks help from Betty one last time, to be turned away in her hour of need. Unable to find a solution, a fearful Kitty has to make a heart-wrenching decision with possibly fatal consequences.

Through a non linear narrative we also find Betty haunted by Kitty’s fate and questioning if she could’ve done more to help.

Being my final film at university I put my all into this project and was very kindly sponsored by Panavision London with kit for the shoot which helped no end - big thanks to Nicky Slinn!

We raised over £4600 for the film on kickstarter and you can check out the campaign page below, along with our social media links. A follow of support would be greatly appreciated as we enter post and prepare to submit the film into festivals. 

Shot on ARRI Amira with Cooke S4 lenses. 

Few teaser stills below...